Liminal Power

Gradients, things that are not one nor the other, both and neither, points of contact and crossing, these are liminality. Many people are drawn to ambiguity. In anthropology, liminality applies to the state of being in between stages of life or rites of passage, but the word has crossed into a wider sense of ‘in … Continue reading Liminal Power

Socratic Method: Coping with Negative Self-Talk

Background chatter pervades our thought processes and for many of us, a prominent voice is one of self deprecatory slander. We’re hardwired by our critical environments to regularly shame ourselves. Any pressure, abuse, or bullying will have installed patterns of self perception that warp into shadows of these traumas, continuing to punish you. “You’re not … Continue reading Socratic Method: Coping with Negative Self-Talk

Codependency, Trauma, and Mental Illness

Interpersonal relationships are to be a source of self improvement practices, they ought to leave you feeling fulfilled, well rounded, and secure. These bonds need to be made sustainable if they should endure healthily for many years or a lifetime. Anyone will struggle with balancing relationships but people coping with mental illness or trauma can … Continue reading Codependency, Trauma, and Mental Illness


I’ve always considered myself a very open minded person, but the truth is that I have hypercritical tendencies. Having opinions is important but I can be opinionated in excess— especially around social, spiritual, religious, cultural, economic, and political topics. While I only climb up on my soapbox in private about random people who have no … Continue reading Hypercritical