A combination of words which may be bound to chosen rules, even a choice of none: poetry is foremost a series of literary choices which form a final piece which is not (usually) called story, novel, article. At times poetry is prose. At times it’s defined by its structure or theme. At times it’s verse, … Continue reading Poetry

Listening to You Sing: A Poem

How to be here, how to be me— worthy of you, of our proximity—The bright gold spirit on your breath, of untold potentiality and depthPure and yours, known as the blood in your veinsand sweat in your poresGrown, fermented, bottled, liquid can’t compareto the spirit in your core.

two bittersweet nightshade, fifty clover, orchard grass, six ghosts, and four spirits

how many encircle you, apple tree, nowo’layers o’layers stack-side more,the core of your trunkcounting rings of a cross section,still-direction, to be so many things,if you can see, how many are we?togethered, apartedI trust only you, hope-thing of healingcount us for true, one may say oneI am— alone, but no—beings stand beside mebelow us as well, … Continue reading two bittersweet nightshade, fifty clover, orchard grass, six ghosts, and four spirits

Poetry: End of Journey’s Rest

I found myself wandering among words, Tongue tied but knowing what I’d heard, Those letters and sounds dutifully spurred Me to take upon my name Jaybird. All my many visions become blurred, Futures and pasts I may call absurd. From one to another, a thought is transferred And I am awoken by a mere word.

In Haiku – Describing Gender with Language

A collection of poems hypocritically conveying sentiments about language and how we fail to express gender with words, written by a non-Japanese person with only a vague understanding of proper English emulations of haiku or senryū. describing nothingprescriptivist and follied—you will drown trying+words shall come rain downthe puddles will not be stillstep in them or … Continue reading In Haiku – Describing Gender with Language