Know the Alchemists

Our history houses accounts of brilliant and groundbreaking people: inventors, philosophers, teachers, scientists, saints, artists, activists— and of them are a subset who are forgotten or of certain opinions, ridiculed. Isaac Newton was an alchemist. Paracelsus was an alchemist. The inventor of the double boiler was an alchemist. Distillation was invented by alchemists. Though there … Continue reading Know the Alchemists

Alchemy of Self: Phase 2 — Clarity

After accomplishing the emotional and psychological tasks of identifying the toxic parts of your life, you’ll begin to find clarity in noticing the good and healing aspects. You have taken a clinical hand to separating the hindering from the elevating, and separating yourself from overwhelming or distracting emotions and sentiments. You can begin to see … Continue reading Alchemy of Self: Phase 2 — Clarity

Alchemy of Self: Separation Part 2

While focusing inward it’s impossible to fully separate the inside from the outside. Transforming ourselves and the way we think and act means understanding the relationship between us and the world around us.  During these meditations and thought journeys we find ourselves often faced with polarities. Understand that there is nothing inherently positive or negative … Continue reading Alchemy of Self: Separation Part 2