The Frog

I found a leopard frog in the grass awhile ago and felt inclined to draw it, being the first I’ve seen in a long time. The decline in frog populations has been extremely noticeable over the decade. Even our boisterous spring peepers have dwindled significantly. The quiet moments of excitement remind me why I care … Continue reading The Frog

Being Fungi

A spore adrift, hanging delicately in the air, is that me or what I give? Currents rise and fall so slight only the most fragile attest to its force. The mere drag of a leaf’s individual canopy catching air completely changes a spore’s path. Is empathy for the wild overshadowing the potential in domestication, the … Continue reading Being Fungi

On Unity

All is one, one is all— you are a starfish. You are also me, writing these words, as you say the same ones in your head now, at this moment. You’re also shit. You’re also gold. What are the practical reasons behind believing in a cosmic unity? Life is fuller, but life is also easier … Continue reading On Unity

A Drowning Rain

Rain is gravity and water facilitating connection, intimacy. Falling over everyone, everything, conductive and collective, water both spreads and gathers. The world is bound from sky to ground— the common denominator washing over all surfaces and substances in a union through contact. Should an energy source be involved then electricity would make one entire body … Continue reading A Drowning Rain

Inadmissible Speaker: Why Equality, Reconciliation, and Liberation are Inevitable

Progressive attitudes are kin with natural law, progress itself is a law. It can be diverted by other developments-- the stream stops flowing because the temperature has become high, stronger than the supply of water. The water will never be fully vanquished and will continue its journey through what plant life remains, it will lurk … Continue reading Inadmissible Speaker: Why Equality, Reconciliation, and Liberation are Inevitable