Jaybird Joy

For a warm moment the pressure lifts. I’m learning to allow myself the full experience of happiness, without giving all my attention away to intrusive thoughts. They’ve been heard out, accepted as part of my reality, and now it’s time to let go. I’m at peace watching birds out my window. Joy will come regularly … Continue reading Jaybird Joy

Sacred Simplicity

Ornate thought compliments many topics but some states of mind are more conductive than others in the realm of self improvement.   I’m prone to lengthy in-depth rumination which ultimately brings me no conclusion. My opinions bear several definitions of productivity but above all else, I’m found asking myself, “Is this necessary? Does this sustain me? … Continue reading Sacred Simplicity


[CW: CSA] Children are influenced by the subtle and loud alike. Most adults are aware of this powerful adaptive energy, the vulnerability of such malleability, and some use it to their sickening advantage. Children don’t understand. Without their own experience of the world, children are heavily influenced by their guardians and caretakers. Parents, relatives, teachers, … Continue reading Grooming