Alchemy of Self: Phase 2 — Clarity

After accomplishing the emotional and psychological tasks of identifying the toxic parts of your life, you’ll begin to find clarity in noticing the good and healing aspects. You have taken a clinical hand to separating the hindering from the elevating, and separating yourself from overwhelming or distracting emotions and sentiments. You can begin to see … Continue reading Alchemy of Self: Phase 2 — Clarity

Reading and Listening (Exposing Yourself to the Outside)

Two halves of a whole, the inside and outside. We desire and require a stable relationship with both. There is an outside and an inside and the outside is on the inside and the inside in the outside, and they are both eternally separate and intertwined. Sometimes the balance becomes uneven and we isolate ourselves, … Continue reading Reading and Listening (Exposing Yourself to the Outside)

5 Ways to Recuperate and Still Be Productive

I have ADHD along with several other neurological and psychiatric disorders which has meant I require more rest breaks during tasks, need to identify obstacles, and learn to prioritize. Understanding our own personal needs is a crucial step in increasing our productivity as we can’t accommodate problems we haven’t familiarized ourselves with.  For myself, I … Continue reading 5 Ways to Recuperate and Still Be Productive


We haven’t solved any puzzles yet. Philosophy doesn’t offer solutions to living happier, fulfilled, balanced lives, or give true answers to the secret and meaning of life. Well, what’s the point of it then? The point is to explore. Philosophy feels the puzzles out, enjoys learning about experiences, wonders why we feel the need to … Continue reading Metaphilosophy