I Trust

Love has allowed me to wholly trust. Anything that shakes my faith has come to build it sturdier than ever. I’m not left without. I don’t lack in security, comfort, support, or commitment from my fiancé. I trust them because they’ve shown me I can, they’ve proven time and time again that we’re on a mutual journey of self awareness and personal growth. We both strive to be better, feel better, do better.

We take care of ourselves and each other. Hope isn’t fleeting or fragile, nor does it delude us. Every day we put work into healing the damage everyone has to process sometime or another, but we don’t put things off. We know what we can or can’t change, and what we can, we start today. We start every day. 

I love them, and they love me. Love without trust can’t survive. Love without self awareness will wilt and die. Love without growth and healing isn’t love.

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