We Live in a World of Mathematics

My skills in practical mathematics are dismally poor but I adore the concept of math. Geometry exists from a molecular level to the macrocosm of our universe, patterns form life itself, the equation for existence can be eloquently and succinctly written in glyphs.

The study of mathematics is a field of existential exploration. We’ve developed systems for defining reality but the object of our describing already existed. Pythagoras believed deeply in the mystical power of numbers and the mathematics within astrology. What these system describe are relationships.

“How many are there? How close together are they? How wide is each one from side to side? What’s the relation of—”, no one can deny the power of relationships and how important they are to everything we do. If we wish to build something, we must understand it and its connections.

Our bodies are a structure of numbers. Our patterns are mathematically distributed to sustain living. Life revolves around these strangely esoteric systems and the power held within them is immense and critical. Philosophy cannot survive without mathematics— aesthetics needs the golden ratio, theology depends on the holiness of numbers— and the relation between practical study and mathematics needs no explanation.

Mathematics has no fear. We may fear it, but only because we know it’s power and our inabilities to truly understand it, and we know clearly of our various inabilities in using it correctly.

3 thoughts on “We Live in a World of Mathematics

  1. Thank you, Jay! I always tried to show my students the beauty and utility as well as the importance of mathematics to their daily lives, but it was always a challenge.
    So, now, I just try to wrap it into posts that might lead them their accidentally!

    Stay safe,

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    1. It took me awhile to truly appreciate math! Just have to connect it to things I value, and now I see it everywhere. Thank you for reading! Have a lovely day, stay safe as we

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