Pros and Cons of Thinking Too Hard

Overthinkers are the anxious eveningtide philosophers. Dusk falls and thoughts roam free. Of course we aren’t constrained to thinking too hard just at night— whenever there’s a lull, a liminality, a quiet moment for our inner monologue to fill— but restless thoughts before bed is a fairly universal experience. We wonder, regurgitate, ruminate, theorize, and we let our mind turn opportunity into detriment with self hatred. Everything is a balance. Let’s explore each side.

Many of the downsides are felt viscerally in manifestations of anxiety, fatigue, developing insomnia or other sleep disorders. We may experience paranoia and severe self consciousness. Throughout the day we may be distractible, irritable, overwhelmed. Often overthinkers who are plagued with intrusive or incessant thoughts which negatively impact their life are suffering a neurological disorder or mental illness, if this is true for you then its in your best interest to reach out for help. From insecurity to delusion, there is a wide range of detrimental thought processes and each has a balance. Therapy, medication, spirituality, art, and above all else, we make medicine from the poison. 

Thinking too hard doesn’t mean you’re doomed or are going to destroy yourself from the inside out. We can heal using that which hurts us. 

Our anxieties desire attention and awareness, crave taking all they can from us, but this relationship can be turned in our favour. If we give them a different type of attention we can see what they’ve been hiding. We’ve been forced to practice analyzing but if we turn that energy towards the anxiety rather than what the anxiety is pointing to, we can reach a new type of awareness. 

We’ve been thinking critically of ourselves for so long, we’re given a unique capability for critical thinking. Unleash all that power that’s been turned against you. Is it worth it to blame yourself? Are your worries temporary? Are there constructive things you can focus on?

We can’t stop overthinking, but we have will and we have choice. 

We can choose to analyze solutions rather than problems, learn from questions with no useful answer, acknowledge inner voices coming from critical voices of our pasts. We can bring our thinking energy to topics that bring us joy. Writing, reading, art, cinema, philosophy, religion, spirituality, your interests, your hobbies, these will benefit from your overthinking.

Our minds are capable of terrible and great things, temperance and willpower will create the bridge.

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