In Love

Being in love means knowing things you shouldn’t. Your gut instinct ties you to truth. The good and the bad, love makes a soul knowing. Many pathways branch from choices and often you can see them all. It’s not love that blinds you. Conditioning and codependency blind you. A lack of self respect blinds you. True love lets you love yourself and feel comfortable in your decisions. 

Friendship, trust, transcendence, even through tragic crises there will be a path filled with appreciation and understanding. True love is fought for but will never take pieces of you as collateral damage. The battle will rebuild you and construct you a life of dignity and respect. Anything given or lost will be received in equality, a shared life means balance. 

You and the subject of your love are the same and entirely different. The parts of the whole are utterly connected and yet unique to each other. Your values or pride will not be questioned but upheld, conflicts will easily be resolved with a desire to understand each other, and you will always take care of each other. 

Reality makes keeping all our promises impossible, but true love knows when and how to make promises that won’t be broken. When inevitably our fallibility has us making a mistake— every effort will be made to understand the mistake, make amends, and ensure the mistake doesn’t happen again. 

Communication and self reflection will weather anything. Each party carries the relationship with their every action in life, and the soul knows truth. Lies will not be told. Secrets will not be kept. You will expose your guts and leave yourself permanently vulnerable to your love and your love will do the same for you. Selfishness eradicated, self love upholds stable boundaries and determination in values. You will fight from the perspective of your partner and trust deeply that they will do the same for you. When resolving conflict, your partner will invest their energy into your point of view and you will do so with theirs.

When you are happy, your lover will make you happier. When you’re sad, they will help ease that pain. They will sometimes be a source of sadness, and you them, but it will be an ache of empathy and sadness born of love and compassion. They make you worlds happier than they ever make you sad. Your joy could save the world. Elation runs deep in your veins and is reflected in how you take in your experiences, contributes to the hopes and dreams nestled in your tender mind.

Your lover will never intentionally hurt you. Your love will not torture you. This isn’t true love. It never will be.

Sometimes your feelings will feel illogical, but your partner will prove the truth and logic behind your relationship and depth of your attachment. As many have said, there is a profound madness in love. I’ve known psychosis and severe mental illness, and I’ve known the pure cleansing light of the chaotic cosmic crux of connection and desire. The Dionysian craze is part of the prize, it’s worth, you aren’t burdened by how much you love but are released by burdens.

You will be strong enough to walk away if what you perceive as love is holding you back. If you’re struggling under weight then you will be better having lifted it off your shoulders. If your love makes you feel weak, damaged, then you will be more whole once you’ve retracted back to heal your own person. Your relationship doesn’t make you feel mended or soothed, something is wrong and the trajectory is out of whack. The course might be aligned or taken entirely off course, and that’s for the best.

I’m in love. I’m in the soul of the one I love, and I am in theirs. I feel at peace. The sailing won’t always be smooth but but we’ll always be on the right course. Communication, compassion, energy, and trust will always prove that we are deserving of each other.

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